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Savannah Informatics Awarded Grant by Savannah Informatics Global Health Institute to Nurture Next-Generation of Data Science Leaders

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February 2, 2024 – Savannah Informatics (SIL) a leading Kenyan e-health software company, announced today its recent selection for a grant from Savannah Informatics Global Health Institute (SIGHI) marking a pivotal moment in the realm of data-driven innovation. This grant, an ode to Savannah's dedication and expertise in health informatics, demonstrates a deep commitment to impacting the present and future of data science. Savannah's mission is to immerse in the complex world of data science, where extracting valuable information from vast amounts of data becomes paramount. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated daily, the need to extract valuable insights has never been more substantial.

Our inaugural data science fellows with Quintus (DataTeam) and People and Talent Team

The Savannah Data Science Fellowship is a rigorous three-month program designed to provide a comprehensive and hands-on experience in the field of data science, with a particular focus on healthcare applications and projects. The program is open to recent graduates as well as seasoned professionals, who will work closely with experienced mentors on real-world data science projects. This approach ensures that participants are fully prepared for current and future data science careers. The fellowship is centred on practical engagement with healthcare data, allowing participants to gain a deep understanding of its complexities and learn how to interpret and apply insights effectively within the dynamic healthcare sector. Beyond training, the fellowship also integrates participants into the industry and positions high-achieving fellows for potential inclusion in the Savannah Informatics team.

The Fellowship is an intense training program that covers a wide range of topics designed to sharpen the data science skills of the participants. The focus is on practical application, and we prioritize this over theoretical study. Participants will learn SQL fundamentals, predictive analytics, and machine learning, and they will be able to build advanced models and apply strategic, data-driven approaches with ease.

Onboarding session with our Data Science fellows

Upon successfully completing the program, participants will receive a certificate of expertise that recognizes their dedication to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of data science. They will emerge as confident catalysts for informed decision-making processes, well-equipped to tackle complex challenges and engineer scalable solutions. With a deep understanding of computing principles and intricate datasets, fellows will be able to harness big data effectively, making their mark in the world of data science.

This grant is a recognition of Savannah's commitment to progress in data science. It also demonstrates the confidence that the SIGHI has in Savannah's ability to support and nurture current and future generations of leaders in data science. The grant represents a collaborative effort towards innovation, progress, and creating a lasting impact on the data science community.

“For SIGHI, the grant awarded to Savannah Informatics marks a significant stride towards fostering innovation in data science within the healthcare domain. It signifies our dedication to supporting initiatives that push the boundaries of knowledge and technology, ultimately enhancing healthcare outcomes. Through Savannah’s Data Science Fellowship, we anticipate a profound impact on the development of skilled professionals who will drive transformative changes in healthcare delivery and decision-making processes. This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing global health through data-driven approaches."

Dr. Justus Paul, President, Savannah Global Health Institute

“We are thrilled about the Savannah Data Science Fellowship and the opportunity it brings for budding professionals. It not only aligns with our push for data science but also allows us to team up with brilliant and innovative folks who can make an impact in the healthcare space. A big shoutout to our inaugural group of Data Science fellows at Savannah Informatics who joined us on 1st Feb 2024 —get ready to dive into the world of data-driven awesomeness and make a real difference in the healthcare industry.”

Janet Odalo, Associate Director People and Talent, Savannah Informatics

“This grant marks a crucial turning point for our team, propelling us to the forefront of data-driven innovation. The Savannah Data Science Fellowship, made possible by this grant, not only shows our dedication to pushing the boundaries of data science but also offers fellows a valuable chance to get hands-on experience in the industry. It's an opportunity for them to dive into the latest data applications and gain practical insights.”

Kelvin Kimutai, Data Team Lead, Savannah Informatics

Cohort 1 of the Data Science Fellows

About Savannah Global Health Institute (SGHI)

SGHI is a development ecosystem builder and optimizer that supports philanthropy and community efforts to leverage investment and deliver lasting impact. SGHI recognizes the evolving healthcare landscape in African countries and emerging markets due to rising income levels. The institute is dedicated to fostering local expertise and implementing responsive approaches to health systems strengthening and technology. By developing home-grown solutions, SGHI aims to address local health issues, acknowledging the interconnectedness of healthcare targets with broader growth and development goals. Through sustainable partnerships, SGHI aspires to advance Universal Health Coverage in the African continent and globally, emphasizing the importance of culturally relevant and locally driven initiatives. The institute is committed to bridging the gap between evolving healthcare needs and innovative solutions, ensuring resilient and adaptive health systems that contribute to holistic and sustainable development. To learn more about Savannah Global Health Institute, visit

About Savannah Informatics (SIL)

Savannah Informatics Limited (Savannah) is a clinician-led health informatics company delivering innovative and interoperable healthcare solutions to improve access to affordable, quality healthcare. Savannah is privately owned and has an established footprint and operating base in Kenya, working with over 3,500 Medical Service providers, and private, public and Faith Based Organisations. Savannah is a founding member of the Kenya Health Informatics Association (KeHIA) and has representation on the Kenya Bureau of Standards Technical Committee for Health Informatics Standards. In addition, Savannah has regular representation on MOH’s Standards and Guidelines and eHealth technical working groups (TWG). At an international level, Savannah supports the Open HIE movement through the implementation of various product registries. Savannah hosts Kenya’s largest health information exchange platform, has developed mHealth tools that engage providers and beneficiaries, developed and supports laboratory interconnectivity and quality assurance, and conducts medical training in collaboration with other partners. Savannah designed and implemented the second version of the web-based Kenya Master Health Facility List and currently supports the MOH in realizing the Digital Superhighway project. To learn more about Savannah Informatics, visit



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